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Hydraulic Modelling


The ability to model the behaviour of rivers and streams using computers is a powerful tool which Engineers now have readily available.

The computer model can be subjected to a range of synthesised storm events and the results analysed to predict flows, flood extents and levels along with investigating the impact of restrictions, such as bridges, culverts and blockages.

MHE Associates can provide both one dimensional and two dimensional computerised  hydraulic models using industry standard software, such as ISIS, by Halcrow, and HEC-RAS, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Drainage Systems

Where flooding from sewers, or the discharge from overflows, is a problem hydraulic modelling is often used to understand the behaviour of the drainage system. The drainage system to be simulated can be modelled from available records or by site investigation or a combination of both.

The accuracy of any hydraulic model is dependent on the survey data from which it is based.  MHE Associates can provide in-house topographical surveying services to ensure the relevant data is collected.